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Rick van Melzen (June 12, 1994) a talented photographer.

Rick by Doris van Iperen
Rick by Doris van Iperen

He began taking pictures at an early age.
Rick is well known with the technic of making pictures and if you combine this with his talent for timing, you will see that his pictures are beautiful and diverse. Perfection is what he stands for and
will always try to achieve that in his pictures.

It all started in 2009 when he was taking pictures of his older brother, who is a motor racer. Despite the high speed Rick succeeded in taking excellent pictures. From that moment on Rick knew what his future would be. He would become a photographer.

Nowadays Rick still works very diverse, but he has his specialities: New Born and Weddings. He knows that having a baby is one of the most memorable events in life, so is getting married. Rick knows just the way how to catch this happening on camera.

He could make you fall in love with a picture of yourself and that is why Rick is a Photographer.

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